San Pedro de Atacama Tours & Attractions

San Pedro de Atacama

Small-Group Tour to Altiplanic lagoons, Atacama saltflat & Flamingo reserve

San Pedro de Atacama, a laid back oasis town on the edge of the direst desert on the earth. Little adobe houses, cozy restaurant are the base to explore one of the Chile’s most spectacular sceneries.

With this semi-private tour, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the highlights in a more intimate way, sharing your day with other travelers but avoiding big groups.

3 Private Tours in San Pedro de Atacama

We are the best local suppliers in the region to make sure your next trip is a safe, personalized and exceptional experience. Our prices are not higher than what you will find at destination. We do not charge management fees for all our activities. We accompany you before, during and after your trip to immediately answer all your doubts and requirements, in your language and through the service channel you prefer.

Astronomical Tour with Guide and Pick Up to San Pedro de Atacama

We will make observation of the deep sky through high-end, computerized and manual telescopes with which we will make an equatorial and azumuthal sweep of the objects visible during the night in Atacama, depending on the time of the year we can observe: planets, open clusters and closed, galaxies and stars. Where we can distinguish its shape and colors with great ease. Add to the explanatory scientific talk of our astronomy guides Patricio and Nathan who seek to dynamically and didactically deliver the scientific information of the universe. We can also relate the visible constellations of the southern hemisphere with the help of a laser pointer. If you like to know about the Andean archeology-astronomy of Latin America, you should ask for an explanation from Patricio, who is the speaker in the explanatory talk about how our American ancestors related the cosmos to the geographical and cultural zone.

Puritama Hot Springs

On this visit, we will enjoy a bath to replenish the energy at the Termas do Puritama, located 30 kilometers from San Pedro do Atacama. Its waters are born in the Andes and reach high temperatures because of the proximity to volcanic materials. Then, we go to the surface on the Puritama River, creating eight natural pools, surrounded by hills and native vegetation. The place has rooms to change clothes, bathrooms and terraces in each of the pools. The average temperature of the thermal waters is 33 ° C.

Puna Salt Flats – Full Day Tour – San Pedro de Atacama – Must Visit

A tour for the Atacama Desert heights, the antithesis of the region. Escaping from the ambient temperature to border the low temperatures, to feel the wind in the face and to fight against the hills’ heights and the volcanos slopes alongside the road that leads to Paso de Jama, frontier mountain pass with Argentina.

Nonetheless, this tour invites you to know a more exclusive part of San Pedro: unique places with low traffic, where the sun touches the neck and the back, but the heat is unnoticed when the altiplanic cold goes through your arms and wraps you in its soft breeze to take you to cross the hills’ slopes over 4000 meters high.

In this tour you visit unique lagoons, salt flats at the foot of hills, volcanoes and its erosions, and viewpoints with incredible sights that will take you to know the other side of the Atacama Desert.

Small-Group Tour to Rainbow Valley

With this tour, starting on San Pedro de Atacama, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the highlights in a more intimate way, sharing your day with other travellers but avoiding big groups:

Venture into The Rainbow Valley: Find yourself astonished as you take in the views of the variety of shades on the surrounding hills: earth, red, brown, green, white and yellow colours, which combined with the white salts and the blue sky, make up a unique place. Add historical and cultural value to the experience by visiting the Yerbas Buenas petroglyphs: A point of great historical importance based on rock art, and where the Atacamenian people left an important vestige of their culture. This Chilean wonder is not to be missed!

Astronomy Tour in San Pedro de Atacama

The cosmos vision and traditions from the ancient people seamlessly combined with technology, computerized telescopes, augmented reality tablets & current catalog with the best deep sky objects.

We are located in the first settlement where the Atacama people emerged, with privileged clear night skies and a noise and light free experience.

Magical moments that will be immortalized with Professional Astrophotography under the southern night sky.

Floating experience in the Hidden Lagoons (Lagunas Escondidas)

The visit to the Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache starts at 2:00 p.m. in the agency.

Once in place, you can use the bathrooms before starting the tour. We will make a small walk through the seven lagoons. You can bathe in the first or last. Leave time to admire the path between them.

Upon return we will make a stop to enjoy a delicious cocktail watching the sunset.

Cerro Toco

An important ascent, a strong journey and an amazing end.
Mandatory point in atacama, the best viewpoint and the best feeling at 5,600 meters high, character is needed to achieve the goal

Hiden Tatio Geysers

Because we make the visit the less crowded times (regular tours do it at 4:30 AM, we do it at 6:30 AM) with few people and show what others do not show, always calm and at the rythm of our travelers.

Devil’s Throat Bike

The adventure on two wheels begins from Casa Sorbac, where we will take the necessary sports equipment.
We will enter the Catarpe Valley, home to incredible postcards that mix vegetation and a geography of great contrasts.
Then we will enter the famous Devil’s Throat, which will transport us to another planet during its 7 km journey. Finishing the route, we will go through the San Isidro chapel and depending on your capacity, we can make the ascent to the cornice through the old tunnel that connected San Pedro with the city of Calama.

Small-Group Tour to Moon Valley from San Pedro de Atacama

Venture into one of the most hostile places in the world: the Atacama Desert. You will have the opportunity to visit this amazing place more intimately, sharing your day with other travellers but avoiding big groups:

Within the Flamencos National Reserve, you will get to the world-famous Moon Valley. Find yourself astonished as you take in the views of a geological phenomenon known as Salt Mountain Range. You will understand the delicacy of the clay when visiting ‘Las Tres Marias’; sculptures carved by nature. And, for a perfect closure, admire the sunset on the Death Valley or the Kari Lookout; get ready to see how all the colours change in the desert!

Luna Valley

Must-see Luna Valley Tour
You will be amazed by a Sunset from Another Planet
1/2 Period Tour to La Luna Valley in Atacama

4-Day Uyuni Salt Flats & Desert Adventure from San Pedro de Atacama

Depart San Pedro de Atacama on an unforgettable 3-day expedition in a 4×4 Toyota land cruiser through the desert of southwest Bolivia and into the vast and blinding-white salt flats of Uyuni. Along the way, visit tiny villages, multi-colored lakes with flamingos, geysers, and thermal hot-springs at 5,000m.

Atacama desert program 4 days – 3 nights

Its unique landscape, the clear skies that make it a perfect enclave for astronomic observation and rich gastronomy.

Far from being inert, the Atacama Desert is an area abundant in energy, thanks to its welcoming ancestral cultures and the oasis that is the source of life in the driest desert in the world.

It ascends the more than 4,000 meters of height of the Andean plateau to discover small towns that keep intact their customs in the middle of the extremes that are worth photographing.
Explore the desert and highest point such as
geothermal field located at 4300 meters above
sea level in the Andean Mountain range.

Visit to San Pedro de Atacama and explore unique landscapes in the world. Salaries, geysers and lagoons of an intense blue color, are part of the places that will amaze you.

3-Days Trip to Discover San Pedro de Atacama

Get ready to experience 3 awesome days trip in San Pedro de Atacama!

The Atacama Desert, cradle of ancestor cultures, and oasis that give life to the most arid desert in the world. We invite you to explore unique landscapes, full of colors: salt flats, geysers, lagoons and more.

Geysers del Tatio ingles, portuguez, español

Ninety kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama we find the Geiser del Tatio, a 10-square-kilometer geothermal field considered one of the most important on the planet and the highest in the world (4,200 masl). There we will find geysers of steam, water, mud, etc. that surpass the 15 meters of height, true boilers of water boiling at temperatures of 85 degrees. It is amazing to see the play of light that originates with the sunrise, magnificent colors and view.

3 Days and 4 Tours in San Pedro de Atacama

This plan is for those who visit San Pedro de Atacama for 3 days, that their flight to Calama arrives on Day 1 of the program (before 12:00) and their flight from Calama leaves on Day 3 (after 16:00) . In case your flight to Calama arrives at a date before Day 1 of the plan and / or your flight from Calama leaves at a date after Day 3 of the plan, you can also book it, selecting the date you want to make the first tour and modifying in the next reservation step.
Our agency has no responsibility in case of force majeure situations such as: CLIMATE CONDITIONS, Earthquakes, Epidemics, Diseases, strikes, wars, government restrictions or any other event beyond our control.
Day 1
15:30 to 20:30: Tour to Valle de la Luna.
Day 2
06:30 to 14:00: Tour to Altiplanic Lagoons, Laguna Chaxa, Toconao and Socaire.
Day 3
05:30 to 12:00: Tour to Geysers del Tatio and Machuca.

Uyuni Saltflat from San Pedro de Atacama

This is the best way to see the Altiplano and the Saltflat of Uyuni.
On board of 4X4 with experienced drivers that will take You around Bolivia in the best places of the country.

Classic Sorbac Atacama, check in Tuesday and Thursday

They are four full days of adventure, perfect for short trips, where you can get to know all the main attractions of San Pedro.

Laguna Cejar

The Cejar Lagoon is located within the Salar de Atacama, 20 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama. It is recognized by the strong Calipso color of water and is surrounded by salts of various forms.

Due to its high concentration of salt, a result of the subterranean aquifers of the melted ice of the mountains, the Cejar Lagoon is a mixture of mystery and fun. As much as we want to dive we are “thrown” the surface, not allowing us to sink.

By the end of this tour we are also able to see the amazing sunset in the desert.

Altiplanic Lagoons and Piedras Rojas Tour – Full Day Tour – Private Option

Driving for a couple of hours during some days in the area. A tour in the morning, another in the afternoon. Many days scaping from the city to get to another routine: traveling and seeing the desert, its valleys and lagoons. Stop. Breathe. Give yourself some time to know the place, but to do it for real.

Rest your mind and your body in front of the altiplanic lagoons. Know Toconao and Socaire: the hospitality, its history and its people. Walk through the Inca Trail, the point where the Tropic of Capricorn crosses, see the reflection of the hills and the sun in the lagoons water, and say hi to the flamencos that inhabit the Atacama salt flat.

A diverse but rewarding tour through the San Pedro de Atacama heights and places that will appeal your emotions and the will to stay there. We invite you to make this tour because the Chilean desert has a minute for you and will give you the opportunity to simply slow down.

5 Fantastic in Atacama Desert in 3 Days

We are the best local suppliers in the region to make sure your next trip is a safe, personalized and exceptional experience.
Our prices are not higher than what you will find at destination. We do not charge management fees.
We accompany you before, during and after your trip to immediately address all your doubts and requirements, in your language and through the service channel you prefer.

4 Unmissable Tour in the Desert

We are the best local suppliers in the region to make sure your next trip is a safe, personalized and exceptional experience.
Our prices are not higher than what you will find at destination. We do not charge management fees.
We accompany you before, during and after your trip to immediately address all your doubts and requirements, in your language and through the service channel you prefer.
Tours in all languages.
General conditions; Our agency has no responsibility in case of force majeure situations such as: earthquakes, epidemics, diseases, weather, strikes, wars, government restrictions or any other event out of control.

El Tatio Geysers Tour – Half Day Tour – Typical Tour

Waking up early in the morning for an almost two hours travel is only justified if you experience the dawn surrounded by El Tatio Geysers, exhaling the steam that contrasts with the cold invading your body, but which feels nice because you are sharing a unique effect with nature and the sunrise at 4500 meters high.
After a few minutes walking in this phenomenon, you admire it while you warm up your hands and body with a breakfast in the heights of San Pedro de Atacama hills, to then relax in the warm natural river pools that are located a little further downhill. When going down through the same paths that a few hours ago were completely dark, you can appreciate the fantastic view from the edge of the trails. Later on you can make a stop in the Putana wetland to rest, but also to admire the place’s fauna: flamencos and different type of birds in an exceptional lagoon surrounded by the path that leads to the town of Machuca.

Uyuni Salt Flats-Full Day, from San Pedro de Atacama by Bus

Welcome to San Pedro de Atacama Chile:

To organize your trip to the largest Salar in the world, by bus from San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni, with pick up and taken to your hotel in Uyuni. we offer a Turistic Bus, semi cama, with bath on board, for your trip to the City of Uyuni , Bolivia, thus avoid queues and have the trip organized.

To meet in a one day visit the Salar de Uyuni, know all the magical places that it presents and at the end of the optional service to continue its journey to La Paz, Sucre or San Pedro de Atacama Chile

Private transfer San Pedro de Atacama – calama airport

We are a company with excellence, professional and qualified drivers with a wide range of vehicles with a maximum of 3 years old.

Astronomical tour

Astronomical Tour in the Atacama Desert, one of the best places in the world for the observation of the night sky.
No light pollution and high quality telescopes so you can enjoy the observation of stars, planets and constellations.

Preserving the meaning of local culture in stargazing.

Atacama Salt Flat and Toconao Town Tour

Know the great natural beauty of the flora and fauna that the Atacama Salt Flat has to offers. The large number of colonies of flamingos, makes this tour one of the favorite among visitors.

Visit Atacama Salt Flat where you will find the National Reserve Los Flamingos.

Explore Toconao town, an oasis in the middle of the most arid dessert in the world.

Know the National Monument of Saint Lucas Church

Small-Group Tour to Tatio Geysers Machuca Village & Rio Putana wetlands

With this semi-private tour from San Pedro de Atacama, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the highlights more intimately, sharing your day with other travellers but avoiding big groups:

A journey awaits you to tour the place where the Earth exhales its millenary breath. We will leave very early to see the first lights of dawn from the geothermal field of the Tatio Geysers, the highest in the world. In a place where the geysers and thermal pools coexist with the lowest temperatures, we will take advantage of the first lights in the morning to take incredible pictures, bathe in the healing, high mineral content waters, and enjoy breakfast.

On the way back, we will visit the town of Machuca the best example of a traditional Atacamenian town and Rio Putana wetlands, a small valley full of native vegetation and wildlife. A trip you can’t miss!

Ethno-Gastronomy Tasting menu, 5 or 9 times with Pairing.

With the ethno-gastronomic experience, travelers discover Atacama through the sense of taste. Each dish brought to the table is presented by Chef Lickan antai, explaining the reason for each preparation, both traditional and signature cuisine.

Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache – Half Day Tour – Wow Destination to Discover

A tour in the Atacama salt flat, specifically in a place that shows you not only the desert unique mineral wealth, but also its underground secrets.
The waters that flood the deep wells hidden under the desert come to life in seven lagoons present in the middle of the Valley of Patience. The clear and opaque blue in each one of them makes you already think that something mystic is hidden in its depth. That something calls you to enter and immerse your body, and the surprise is not small: the quantity of salt in the water makes you float, relax, and you let yourself go.
In this tour you can see how the desert hides secrets that are revealed only to the ones who dare to enter in its vastness. These secrets are the motivation to look for a closer and more direct relation with nature. Even though it is very likely that you do not know which words to use to describe this experience, your skin will perfectly know that received a gift from the hidden lagoons of Baltinache.

Valley of the Moon & Valley of Mars [a.m. PRIVATE]

In the morning, half-day excursion:

Modality: Panorama // hiking.

Total duration: from 3 to 4 hours.

Distance: about 20 km.

Meals included: none.

The visit to the Valley of the Moon and the Valley of Mars is a “must do” in the region. It is located at 2,500 meters above sea level and only ten minutes by car from San Pedro de Atacama. Here we will visit part of the Cordillera de la Sal, which is actually the set of folds and hills where these two valleys meet.

A topography carved by rain and wind for millions of years allows us to see different layers of highly soluble sediments such as clay, sand, conglomerates and different types of salt; creating a unique and fascinating landscape. The reddish and muddy tones interspersed with white layers illuminated by the intense sun of the Atacama Desert, create a unique landscape that seems from another planet, and that in turn is framed by the imposing Andes Mountain Range, the backbone of America.

One day with one of Our Expert Guides in Your Car

Feel free! GO FREE!

Book One day with one of Our Expert Guides and we will take You around the best places of the area, providing You all the informations and curiosity about the Geology and the Cutlure of the Andes.
Moreover as EXTRA we can organise a lunch for You in the middle of nowhere.

You will Rent Your own car and we will help You organising Your excursions and getting to the best places of San Pedro, respecting Your own interest and Your own time!!!

We provide different itinerary where You or Us can drive, We will fill Your time with our knowledge about the geological genesis of this territory, the history and myths of the Andean cultures.

Rainbow Valley Tour in Atacama

Through this tour we will be visiting the impressive Rainbow Valley, where the colors blend to form unique landscapes.

You will be able to know the Yerbas Buenas region, where several mountain ranges meet. Here, you can learn more about the history of the first inhabitants, while admiring petroglyphs up to 6000 years old. We will also visit a town of artisans and farmers. We will spend a pleasant day knowing the hidden wonders of the Atacama region.

Ancestral Caravan with Sandra Flores – Half Day Special Tour – Local Community

For a couple of hours, Sandra Flores and her friendly llamas show you a part of the Likan Antai culture in a relaxing journey through the desert.

They take you to the past to enjoy and admire San Pedro de Atacama’s peace and vastness. Sandra guides the tour while you walk holding the llama’s reins.
It is not just a walk to have an experience with a llama, it is a sort of therapy.

Every step you give next to the animal, feeling its muscles, its breathing and the sound it makes with its mouth, causes a unique impression while you are here in San Pedro de Atacama: a real connection with nature and liberty in the immensity of this magical place. Emotions here intertwine and mix: joy, tranquility, nervousness and many others that appear across these paths that, hundreds of years ago, were also walked by the local tribes, and that today have become one of the desert’s most exclusive attractions.

Private Expeditions Laguna Lejía and Geyser Solitario

Live a memorable experience !!! Together with the Enjoy Atacama team, in Laguna Lejia there is a population of James, Chileans and Andean flamingos. We will also observe a particular volcanic formation, the maar of Cerro Overo (wide and low volcanic crater, produced by an eruption caused by underground water that comes into contact with hot lava or magma).
We continue our route to the Aguas Calientes II Lagoon, the road passes at the foot of several volcanoes and we can also see the constant activity that was millions of years ago. The typical fauna like culpeos foxes and vizcachas are usually observed. Upon arriving in Aguas Calientes we will make a stop to observe the landscape and fauna of the site, then we will visit a unique and surprising place; the Solitary Geyser in which an ice tower is formed inside which water continues to flow out.

Marvel of Atacama

Live a unique experience, an extraordinary environment, through the salar de Atacama, the largest salt flat in Chile.

El Tatio Geyser and Machuca Tour

See the impressive natural spectacle of steam combined with volcanic magma of the Tatio Geysers that is waiting for you to be surprised by its visual performance. Make a visit to Machuca, a small herder’s settlement in the North of the country.

Live the sunrise in one of the most beautiful geothermal fields in the world.

Contemplate the beautiful colors born between the contrast of the intensely blue sky and the pure steam of the geysers.

Moon & Death Valley in San Pedro de Atacama

A tour that will take you through landscapes that look like another planet because of the amazing geological formations found there. The walk will take place in the Cordillera de la Sal, and enter the Los Flamencos National Reserve, to go to the Moon Valley, where saline sculptures stand out.

The Death Valley, a place characterized by its strange geological forms, its incredible rock sculptures and sand dunes. We invite you to explore it.

Small-Group tour to Laguna Cejar, Ojos del Salar and Laguna Tebinquinche

With this small-group tour, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the highlights in a more intimate way, sharing your day with other travellers but avoiding big groups:

Found within the Atacama Salt Flats is the Cejar Lagoon. This body of water is a saltwater swimming pool where you can float until your troubles fade away. Find yourself relaxing as you take in the views of the beautiful landscape paired against the turquoise waters, volcanoes and great expanse of the salar. Next up, you’ll visit the Salar Eyes, which are two freshwater round-shaped lagoons in the middle of one of the world’s driest deserts. To further add to your adventure, you’ll visit the impressive Tebinquinche Lagoon where you’ll stop to enjoy a view of the Andes reflected in the saltwater lagoon and, in summer you can observe how water evaporation forms a white mantle of salt.

Tour Piedras Rojas and Altiplanicas

We will start the tour with a visit to the pre-Hispanic village of Socaire, characterized by its cultivated terraces. Then we go to the Altiplano, where we will visit Laguna Miscanti and Laguna Miñiques, habitat of aquatic birds and mammals such as red foxes and vicuñas. We will continue to the Salar de Talar (also known as Salar de Águas Calientes) and the viewpoint of Piedras Rojas, from where we will see these reddish volcanic stones that will surprise you with their shape and the exceptional natural environment where they stay.
The tour continues on the Atacama Salt Flat, the largest in Chile and the third largest in the world. There, we will walk along the paths of Laguna Chaxa, nesting and habitat of the three species of flamingos present in Chile: Andean, Chilean and James. Finally, we will visit the village of Toconao, its Church of San Lucas and its characteristic orchards.

Route of the Salares

Tara Salar Tour, Monjes de la Pacana and Quisquiro, two of the best kept secrets of the Atacama Desert.

Baltinache Hidden Lagoon

Visit the hidden lagoons of Baltinache or Sete Lagoas, one of the secrets of the Atacama desert. Includes shared transportation.

Cejar and Tebinquinche Lagoons

Its quite an experience to enter a lagoon where you cannot drown. This lagoon contains so much salt that is virtually impossible for the human body to drown.

Adding to this fact, the landscape of the region, where you get to the see the Andes Mountains in all its glory is astonishing.

Finish this day with a picnic during the sunset in the beautiful Tebinchique Lagoon. The variety of colors of the natural landscape changes at every minute during this sunset. Its a view that defies belief.

Private tour with Bilingual guide to PURITAMA TERMAS from San Pedro de Atacama

Welcome to San Pedro de Atacama Chile.

They are located at 30 km of San Pedro de Atacama and at 3,050m above sea level. These great thermal baths situated in a beautiful canyon surrounded of some kind of foxtail vegetation, count on 8 thermal bath pools which temperatures fluctuate between 30° C to 34° C.

Their waters have healing properties. It’s the perfect place to rest, relax and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Ascent Cerro Toco

The ascent of Cerro Toco is a very good experience both for mountain initiates and to acclimatize to make height ascents. From the top you can see in the foreground the Licancabur volcano, the Salar de Uyuni and a privileged view of the San Pedro de Atacama valley.

Route of the Salares

We go to some of the most beautiful points of San Pedro, we look at many lagoons, vegetation, and fauna. We visit places of cultural interest such as the Lickancabur volcano, highland lagoons and salt flats.

Piedras Rojas (red Rocks) + Altiplanic Lagoons Daytrip

The perfect day trip for everything you wish to find in the Atacama Desert. Incredible volcanoes, huge salt flats and beautiful lagoons. You will be amazed with the landscapes of this trip.

We will reach over 4.000 meters above sea level, reason why we recommend full rest the night before and warm clothes for the cold.

Geyser del Tatio – San Pedro de Atacama

Get to Tatio Geyser with one of Our expert guides.
Get to know about the geological formation that causes the develop of this geographical area, but also a lot about the local culture and their traditions.

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